The iJoy Massage Chair

The iJoy massage chair is a wonderful way to treat yourself, or someone you care for, to a luxurious massage. Your mental as well as your physical self will thank you. How many times do you take time to relax from the crazy schedule of modern living that we are all forced to keep? There's a good chance that the answer to that question is, "not enough". Well, you can do something about it, and you should.

The technology behind the Human Touch iJoy massage chair is amazing. It comes pretty darn close to replicating the feel and benefit of a human massage therapist. It uses different motor mechanisms to soothe and relieve the tight sore muscles along your back and other needy areas. Human Touch has also implemented a quad roller that works to increase the blood flow in your body, uplift and benefit the immune system, and just plain feels amazing.

One of the main things I really like about the iJoy massage chair is how you can recline it, settle into a nice soft cushion, and let it take you away from all your worries. It sports different pre-programmed settings that allow you to lie back and escape as all main areas of your back are massaged and kneaded.

The iJoy massage chair comes in different colors, black and brown. These colors make it simple to decorate around. They fit into nearly any space with ease and won't drive you crazy. Can you imagine a nice bright pink colored chair in your darkened den? Yeah, me either. It may seem like a simple thing, but the color does matter.

Of course, nothing is exactly the same as a human therapist in terms of the exact responsiveness to your individual pains and/or desires for massage therapy. For a robotic type machine, however, the iJoy massage chair comes pretty close. You get all sorts of motions: rolling, kneading, tapping, and compression that can relieve both normal stress as well as help to relieve chronic pain.

Speaking of pain, I happen to know what it is like to live with it all the time. If you can relate, then you know what it is like to bounce around from acupuncturist to chiropractor, to MD, to physical therapist, to massage experts, to monks, preachers, and gurus. It can get pretty depressing trying to find where to turn to help you deal with persistent discomfort. I have found the the iJoy massage chair is a great compliment to any of those efforts. Being able to retreat into a nice comfortable massage chair at any time you choose, and not be subject to someone else's schedule, is something you deserve to treat yourself to. In the big picture, these chairs are very affordable and a great addition to anyone's home.

The Human Touch iJoy massage chair brings good looks, amazing massage technologies, variety, convenience and pleasure, all at a price well worth paying. Treat yourself to one and you will never regret it.


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